Samsung Galaxy A5 Full Specification Review

The Samsung Galaxy A5 is that the kind of phone that has us questioning why the overwhelming majority of individuals should purchase a flagship device. After all, once a £369.99 device ticks most of the proper boxes, why pay more?

Samsung Galaxy A5

For the primary time, Samsung has a lot of convincingly brought the high-quality flagship dna all the way down to the mid-range, that makes the A5 the primary non-flagship phone from the Korean company that’s simple to advocate. Simply after you thought we’d got a handle on Samsung’s Galaxy A-series lineup, another rears its head. Samsung’s Galaxy A7 telephone set has launched in India, with its larger screen taking a better value.

samsung a5

Samsung Galaxy A5  Specification

Now, there is not a full heap separating the 2. Each still have Samsung’s Exynos 7880 Octa-core chip within, with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of on-board storage. Each are Full HD and IP68 certified. The sole real distinction lies in screen size, with the A7 sporting a 5.7in show, whereas the A5 sticks to 5.2in. Obviously, there is the burden and size distinction that comes thereupon the A7 weighs 29g more however that is your lot. Expect the A7 to price around £499. Place the Samsung Galaxy A5 next to the Galaxy S7 and you’d be hard-pushed to instantly tell the distinction between the 2. Considering the Galaxy S7 was one amongst 2016’s best-looking phones, that’s strong praise.

Samsung Galaxy A5  Features

The A5’s proportions are perfect; and that’s still a rarity in cheaper handsets. The bulk of well-skilled budget phones tend to own a 5.5-inch screen or larger, but the 5.2-inch panel here reduces the dimensions of the phone overall. The edge is unbroken to a minimum and therefore the ever slightly semicircular back makes the device simple to carry in one hand.


There are even some style quirks that provide the Galaxy A5 one of it’s Competitor Xiaomi mi 5x. The pastel colors pink, blue and gold are all delicate and enticing, whereas my review model takes a note from the soot black iPhone 7 Plus and is black everywhere. It’s a surreptitious look that I’m positive are going to be one amongst the color choices on the market once the Galaxy S8 is declared. The Galaxy A5 has a lot of in common with Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S7 than its budget J-series lineup, and despite cost accounting considerably lower than £450, the Galaxy A5’s clean metal frame and all-glass front virtually puts a number of its pricier siblings to shame. It fits cozy in your palm, with its tapered back and it’s nice to envision that the rear camera is flush to the body of the phone.

Having ab initio reviewed the A5 at £369, the phone can currently be found for under £300, creating it a lot of tempting alternative for budget-minded customers.

With the Samsung Galaxy A5 you get 7 paint jobs to settle on from: Black Sky, Gold Sand, Blue Mist or Peach Cloud, and whereas Blue Mist isn’t to my style, all different colors look pretty stylish.

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