Make your garden looks unique by giving amazing shapes to garden hedges!

While walking through the cities gardens we have seen it many times that the edges are perfectly trimmed and in a proper shape that looks beautiful in a middle of a garden. That is also an art to cut or trim the hedges beautifully in a proper shape. Some gardeners are happy by trimming the garden hedges in an ordinary way but some others are also there who love to trim like an artist and come out as a creative gardener.

To create beautiful shapes out of the hedges or shrubs it would be good if you choose densely growing, green species. Thick branches of the species will contribute in making fine outlines of the species. If you want the branches to move in the right direction then fasten the twigs with wire that is used to form the shape outline.

Geometrical shape

Use something solid between the canes or you can also build a frame that will be made up of the wood strips to form the final shape as of pyramids. You can easily cut the extra branches that will go out of the frame. This is really easy to create a geometrical shape of different sizes such as a cube, sphere or a pyramid. The geometrical shape is easy to build and it is also easy to trim the hedges as per the frame area.

General Trees

The general or standard trees or plants can also be trimmed in a beautiful shape so that they will look beautiful and come out as a highlighting feature of your garden. The plants known as tub plants are generally suitable for the geometrical general shape.

Fancy or creative shapes

It would be a bit difficult to give a fancy or creative shape to the shrubs of the garden. Like if you want the shrubs to acquire a shape of an animal then first you have to make a wire netting around the shrubs that works as a skeleton for the shrubs of the garden. If you have to cut through the wires then it would not be a problem for you. It is really required to cut with the sharp cordless hedge trimmer for a better-precised cutting or the trimming of the shrubs. All the branches coming out of the shape would need a cut several times in a year to come out as a beautiful sharp. Time duration the shrubs required to acquire a proper shape will depend on the growth of the shrub that you have selected. Generally, it would take several years to come out as a beautiful sculpture in the garden.

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